Data driven marketing is changing the face of marketing today, in both the B2C and the B2B space. Personalization, segmentation and customization of messages designed to suit the customers’ needs, as well as utilization of marketing automation tactics, are critical components of success. And while many marketers understand this on a fundamental level, there are many who aren’t yet adopting these tactics as part of their marketing strategies.

Customization and Personalization, It Happens to Us All

Marketing automation, personalization and targeting happens to us all, on a regular basis. It’s sometimes even a little bit creepy. Have you ever been shopping for something and then days later surfing the web and realize that you’re seeing ads for that item you were shopping for appear pretty much everywhere on the web? That’s just one example of personalization out of many, and it’s called “remarketing” or “retargeting,” which is essentially continuing to serve you “content” (in the form of ads, in this instance) about something you’ve already demonstrated an interest in. From a marketer’s standpoint, since you’ve already expressed interest, either by visiting a website or by making a purchase, you are a “hot prospect.” Chances are good you’ll buy more. I know I do (thank you Coach and Free People, for stalking me so relentlessly and giving me a perfect example to use for this post).
Smart marketers are serving up customized website experiences and remarketing campaigns that rely on browser history, on-site behavior, location, purchase history and so many other things. Email campaigns can be highly personalized based on prior purchase history, segmentation, time of day purchases and so many other things it makes me giddy just to think about it. See? Personalization abounds.
This infographic produced by Monetate (a platform we like a lot but don’t use), is based on data from eConsultancy, Forrester, Garnter, Search Engine Watch, Nielsen and others (read that: an infographic that contains data from sources we trust).  I thought it did a great job of explaining some of the changes in marketing in recent years and how personalization and customization are truly the route to success in marketing.
Mass Marketing Versus Personalization