Re-design your Sales and Marketing process based high-end technology with Data and Analytics on board.

Choose a target account.

Conduct thorough research and involve cross-functional leaders to identify the customer profiles that will generate the most value for your startup. Study your target account thoroughly until you have an accurate picture of their pain points, goals and desires.

Identify list of influencers.

For each target account, identify the key decision makers involved in making a purchase decision, and learn everything you can about them (in a professional way).

Personalize your content.

Build relevant, personalized and compelling content, resources and experiences for target stakeholders. For example, you might write an industry-specific white paper with unique best practices.

Engage targets diligently across the sales cycle.

Quality matters more than quantity here, as your goal is to build relationships. For instance, send relevant, helpful information rather than transactional, spammy sales messages.


Regularly measure your progress based on the metrics you have set, and think about iterating on your processes at least once a week. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see success right away. ABM focuses on quality and precision, rather than volume and scale.
Account-based marketing (ABM) is an alternative B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account.
Lead generation primarily enables organizations to acquire leads for their products or services.

The process by which businesses employ a multi-layered strategy consisting of web communications, email, media campaigns, and relationship management for the purpose of converting targeted business prospects into customers.


Data Driven Marketing provide both analytical and personal approach.